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My first sale!!

Today is a monumental day, one that will go down in history as the Beginning. You see, the website has been up for a month and because of the lack of attention given to it by yours truly, it hasn’t generated a real buzz. My facebook friends see it and gave it the initial interest…

Otr living

Over the road truck driving is not a job it’s a lifestyle. As I am halfway through my second year it’s a journey that’s still unfolding and interesting As I drive across the country a lot of places are now repeat trips meaning I’ve been there before so the novelty is wearing off and it…

Manual transmissions are dinosaurs!

Sadly there days are numbered Your company has been around for 75 years and has a very good reputation,but it’s no secret over the last decade the technology is advancing rapidly .Most of the well established companies like yourselves are losing a significant share of the market to companies using auto’s Todays new breed of…

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