Manual transmissions are dinosaurs!

Sadly there days are numbered

Your company has been around for 75 years and has a very good reputation,but it’s no secret over the last decade the technology is advancing rapidly .Most of the well established companies like yourselves are losing a significant share of the market to companies using auto’s

Todays new breed of drivers mostly drive auto’s which are easier to drive,better gas mileage and shift better.This new technology is making it easier to attract and retain new drivers. Sure you still have a lot of diehard old school shifters who still cling to their manuals, but there’s no denying the auto’s are here to stay! 85% of new trucks are auto’s! Most of the new breed of driver’s of which a very large percentage are woman have never been exposed to manuals. The driver shortage has impacted the industry to the point truck makers are adapting and the market is in auto’s


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