Otr living

Over the road truck driving is not a job it’s a lifestyle. As I am halfway through my second year it’s a journey that’s still unfolding and interesting

As I drive across the country a lot of places are now repeat trips meaning I’ve been there before so the novelty is wearing off and it actually feels like a regular job now

What has happened was the isolation made me internalize and focus on self improvement with a laser beam focus especially at my age with an eye towards retirement

So now I’m not just in amazement there’s actually goals to be met in the very near future meaning I’m on a microwave mindset

My mindset has evolved into a maddening focus on acquiring a new skillset to make money besides driving. I stopped watching Tv as a result, haven’t gone fishing in about 3 months can’t remember the last time I turned my playstation on!

I’m changing by the day, my sole focus is youtube, it’s become my main outlet from driving so much that I’ve started a website and a blog plus enrolled in a copywriting course Jeez!!!đŸ˜³

I’ve actually started reaching out to childhood friends and family. Funny how the isolation changes you it’s making me evolve into a better person hopefully!

Seeing the country is cool especially never previously been anywhere outside of New York. This is a beautiful country that I took for granted. Now that I have been to some places I have a greater appreciation of traveling, having the opportunity to see the country is very underrated

Personal goals that once were a pipe dream are now very attainable but here I go again with the age factor!! As long as I’m still in relatively decent health I will be able to achieve my life time goal of home ownership before I go God willing

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