Creative Financing: I’ts not as hard as you think!

What if i told you there’s a way for you to buy a house with no money down and zero interest for up to 18 months. Many people want to realize their dream of homeownership but might have decent credit but not enough capital for the down payment. Traditionally you would need good credit (676-750), and 20% down or you could do the FHA route with decent credit (580-620) with 3.5% down but with FHA you have to have the(PMI) private mortgage insurance which could tack on 200.00 bucks a month to your mortgage

Creative financing lets you think outside the box and come up wth non traditional ways to fund real estate investing. Investors leverage their credit to buy property ,using business credit in ways to get the best deals. Having good personal credit is a no brainer in the real estate game so it goes without saying most people who buy and sell properties will probably have access to business credit as well. That is the solution

If you’re interested in buying property but don’t have the great credit and or the big down payment but don’t want the hassle of FHA pmi, credit card financing is one way of doing it! Using a personal credit card is one option if you have high limit cards, the problem though is personal cards tend to have low limits,high interest rates, and report to the credit bureaus. If you liquidate a credit card the utilization will be very high (over 30%) and will tank your score. Which in turn will exclude you from getting the best interest rates.

Business credit cards however tend to have high limits and don’t report to the same personal card bureaus. A lot have introductory perks like 0% interest rates plus business card lenders actually encourage spending meaning you can max out a card without it getting reported.Underwriters can’t see this activity


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