Why should you care: a blog about Ghostwriting

How do you become a ghostwriter? It’s a common question asked by friends after you start a blog or share a facebook photo that says “i’m just gonna write today!” or simply “write on”

Becoming a ghostwriter takes hard work practice and sometimes a bit of luck,potentially making you a very valuable prospect in high demand for wealthy clients who don’t have the time or perhaps not confident in their own skills

The first step is to determine what skill set you need to succeed 1. writing ability(fiction and non-fiction 2. the ability to research and fact check(proof read and spell check) 3. the ability to communicate effectively

Being a ghostwriter can provide significant career and financial oppurtunities, freedom to write wherever you go. You get paid by the word, work where you want,when you want, on a budget and as much control as you want.Great networkin g potential plus the cloak of anonymity will sheild you from unnecessary hassle of fame!

You can ghostwrite for game companies networking with possible future clients gaining experience while getting paid good money. At a company dealing with a larger client base oppossed to just one individual developer

Maybe you’re thinking about it and still are skeptical about investing your time and money! That’s ok! I wrote this article based on all the information i could find and research! If you find any inaccuraciesfeel free to comment below or contact me


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