New journey

Hello everyone my name is George , my occupation is a truck driver,born and raised in New York city most of my life, past 2 years in Baton Rouge recently relocated to Las Vegas.This story starts from the last 12 years when I was at my lowest point in life, running in the streets drugging ,drinking,cheating on a one way ticket to hell. Most people don’t stop and think about the consequences while they’re wilding, it’s more like gimme gimme gimme!!! right now.

For every action there’s a reaction so eventually everything will stop one way or another marriages fail, job loss, health issues, JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, lol lol financial pressure, homelessness All these things are life changing events if you’re lucky enough to survive this minefeild. You hopefully will have gained a better appreciation and perspective for just waking up every day. Once the smoke clears and you’re sober enough to look back and survey your train wreck of a life.You can look up to the sky and say thank you GOD for waking me up today!

That was me, once I hit rock bottom there was nowhere to go but up so I looked at my life and decided to change for better forever.One of my strengths was always reading and writing plus being a nerd there was always playstation along with computer skills. The internet explosion was tailor made for me so I locked in and became a Youtube freak! Discovered you can teach yourself ANYTHING on Youtube. So that’s what I started doing

With no distractions and a laser beam focus my goal was to reinvent myself. A friend of mine who’s a truck driver suggested I become a truck driver! He was also from the streets who did 10 years in prison for drug trafficking, Jeez i did 10 days, talking with him a fellow felon motivated me, he said he was buying a house soon! WOW!!!!!!!! That night i started studying the cdl manual MOTIVATION


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